Configuration referenceΒΆ

The basis of an OSISM installation is a configuration repository, which is specific to the customers infrastructure, and is divided into individual environments. Environments are the components used to configure the whole infrastructure, like manager node, frontend and backend services, and so forth.

The structure, creation and content of the configuration repository is explained in this chapter.


  • inventory: Ansible inventory directory. All host-specific details are managed here.

  • docs: Optional directory to manage documents about an environment.

  • environments: Directory for managing the individual environments. Each environment has its own subdirectory.


With the exception of a special environment for the manager, all environments have the same structure and share the same inventory.


  • configuration.yml: Default configuration parameters can be overwritten by this file.

  • images.yml: This file can be used to overwrite default images.

  • secrets.yml: Environment specific secrets can be deposited in this file.

  • ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • playbook-*.yml: Playbook files for Ansible.

  • environments/ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • environments/*/ansible.cfg: Ansible configuration file.

  • inventory/hosts: Ansible inventory file.

  • inventory/host_vars/*.yml: Ansible host variables.

  • inventory/group_vars/*.yml: Ansible group variables.