Ansible Style Guide

We implement all the default rules of Ansible Lint. A listing of all these rules can be found in the Ansible Lint documentation:

Task naming

  • Tasks must always have names. The only exception allowed is for forked playbooks.

  • A name never starts with a small letter

  • Names are written in present tense

  • No punctuation is used in names

Positioning and use of the become directive

The become directive is only set when needed and is always set explicitly for each task that needs it.

Blocks, roles, or playbooks are never executed in a privileged mode.

We always insert the become directive between the name of a task and the task itself. This also applies to related directives like become_user or become_flags. This is for better visibility if a task is privileged or not.

- name: Copy hddtemp configuration file
  become: true
    src: "{{ ansible_os_family }}/hddtemp"
    dest: "{{ hddtemp_conf_file }}"
    owner: root
    group: root
    mode: 0644
  notify: Restart hddtemp service

Position of the when condition

If you need to use the when condition please add this at the end-section from the task where it is needed. This makes the code easier to understand for others. For example:

- name: "Archive existing {{ resolvconf_file }} file"
  become: true
    src: "/etc/resolv.conf"
    dest: "/etc/resolv.conf.{{ }}"
    archive: true
  delegate_to: "{{ inventory_hostname }}"
  when: stat_resolvconf_file.stat.islnk is defined and not stat_resolvconf_file.stat.islnk

Usage of collections

Collections are always defined as in the following example.

netbox.netbox is here the collection that is used.

- name: Configure netbox manufacturers
    netbox_url: "{{ netbox_url }}"
    netbox_token: "{{ netbox_token }}"
      name: "{{ }}"
      slug: "{{ item.value.slug }}"
      description: "{{ item.value.description | default('') }}"
    state: present
  with_dict: "{{ netbox_data_manufacturers }}"

Please don´t declare it in this way!:

    - netbox.netbox

    - name: Manage Discworld site
        netbox_url: "{{ netbox_url }}"
        netbox_token: "{{ netbox_token }}"
        validate_certs: false
          name: Discworld
          slug: discworld
        state: present

The reason for that is, that the code is than more readable and easier to understand.

Parameters that offer lists

Parameters that provide a list are always defined as in the following example.

docker_hosts_defaults sets the defaults in the role. Overriding is only possible with the ansible-defaults repository.

In the configuration repository, docker_hosts_extra is then used to add additional items to the list.

docker_hosts itself is never modified from the outside.

  - "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
docker_hosts_extra: []
docker_hosts: "{{ docker_hosts_defaults + docker_hosts_extra }}"