OpenDev contribution

This guide aims to give you an easy intro on how to contribute to OpenDev using Gerrit and Git-review. It is assumed, that you have created yourself an account on OpenDev already AND that you have accepted the ICLA agreement (

Getting started on your machine

First you need to install git-review, an extension to git that allows interaction with Gerrit. Pick the suiteable installation command from below.

brew install git-review
sudo apt install git-review
sudo yum install git-review
sudo dns install git-review
sudo zypper install git-review

Once done, git-review needs to be configured to use the username you have configured already in OpenDevs Gerrit web-page. This might look like this:

git config --global gitreview.username tibeer

Working on a repository

Every time you checkout a new repository and want to work on it, you should initialize git-review first:

git review -s

To check if this worked properly, you may use:

git remote -v
gerrit        ssh:// (fetch)
gerrit        ssh:// (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

As you can see above, you should have two additional remotes just for gerrit. From this point, you may basically use the same git commands you were used to with just one exception: Do not use git push.

How to push changes?

First, check if there is a folder releasenotes. If so, you may want to create a releasenote which reflects reasons for your changes. To create a releasenote you should use the tool reno. It can be installed via pip:

pip3 install reno

reno provides you with template functions and proper naming with a few additional functions that are helpful. An example call of reno might look like this:

reno new deprecate-sanity-checks --from-template releasenotes/templates/features.yml

The above creates a new release note based on the templates releasenotes/templates/features.yml. The name deprecate-sanity-checks should be eqivalent to the branch name you used for your change. In this case the branch name might have looked like this: feat/deprecate_sanity_checks

Note: reno names should never use underscores.

How to re-push changes?

You pushed you changes and get notified that some pipeline failed, maybe due to a trailing whitespace. So you need to fix this, but how? Just like before, use normal git commands to add your changes (git add .). When commiting use git commit --amend and make sure that the last line in your commit still containts the Change-Id which was generated by the inital git review. If you remove this, Gerrit get’s confused and cannot connect you change with the previous one.