Read facts from cache

$ docker exec -it manager_cache_1 redis-cli --scan

$ docker exec -it manager_cache_1 redis-cli get
"{ "ansible_processor_count ": 2,  "module_setup ": true, [...]

Found variable using reserved name

This error occurs until the release of Pike and is not critical.

$ osism-kolla deploy X

 [WARNING]: Found variable using reserved name: action

 [WARNING]: Found variable using reserved name: serial

dict object has no attribute

If the error dict object' has no attribute u'ansible_ens18' occurs while running an Ansible playbook, it is most likely because the facts in the cache are outdated.

To update the facts, re-collect them on the manager node.

$ osism-generic facts

Update facts manually


Run this command on the manager node.

$ osism-generic facts

PLAY [Gather facts for all hosts] **********************************************

TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
ok: []
ok: []

PLAY [Gather facts for all hosts (if using --limit)] ***************************

TASK [setup] *******************************************************************
skipping: [] => (
skipping: [] => (

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************        : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0        : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0

Update facts regularly with cron

Add this task to the playbook-cronjobs.yml playbook in the custom environment.

- name: Gather facts
    name: "gather facts"
    minute: "15"
    hour: "*/6"
    job: /usr/local/bin/osism-run-without-secrets generic facts
    cron_file: osism
    user: "{{ operator_user }}"
  become: true