Ubuntu manual Installation - Screenshots

  • Boot via CD-ROM/ISO Ubuntu and choose Install Ubuntu Server

  • Select language English

  • Select your country, e.g. Europe/Germany

    ../_images/03-country.png ../_images/04-location.png ../_images/05-location.png
  • Choose en_US.UTF-8 as locale

  • Do not detect Keyboard layout

  • Choose Keyboard Country English (US)

  • Keyboard layout English (US)

  • Choose your Hostname, e.g. 60-10, manager, compute, controller, ctrl, com, sto, …

  • Full name of User, ubuntu

  • username ubuntu

  • Set password

    ../_images/13-password.png ../_images/14-password-reenter.png
  • Set Timezone, e.g. Europe/Berlin

  • Partitioning - Choose the Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM entry

  • Choose the first disk

  • Write the changes to disk

  • Continue with the suggested value

  • Configure the Logical Volume Manager

  • Write the changes to disk

  • Delete all suggested Logical Volumes

    ../_images/22-partition.png ../_images/23-partition.png
  • Create LVs like here Node Partitioning with ext4

    ../_images/24-partition.png ../_images/25-partition.png ../_images/26-partition.png ../_images/27-partition.png ../_images/28-partition.png ../_images/29-partition.png ../_images/30-partition.png ../_images/31-partition.png ../_images/32-partition.png ../_images/33-partition.png ../_images/34-partition.png
  • For swap LV use swap area

    ../_images/35-partition-swap.png ../_images/36-partition-swap.png
  • The partitioning should look like this

  • Write the changes to disk

  • Installation will be started

  • Proxy?

    ../_images/40-proxy.png ../_images/41-installation.png
  • Choose No automatic updates

  • Choose OpenSSH server to install

    ../_images/43-openssh.png ../_images/44-installation.png
  • After finished installation, choose Continue for reboot

  • After reboot the installed Grub looks like this

  • Finaly the login prompt appears