The common role is always deployed on all systems. Other roles partly use services provided by this role.

$ osism-kolla deploy common

The common role includes the following services:

  • cron

  • fluentd

  • kolla_toolbox


Please read certificate configuration HAProxy

For using spice as nova_console please read NoVNC or Spicehtml

$ osism-kolla deploy loadbalancer


$ osism-kolla deploy elasticsearch
$ osism-kolla deploy kibana

It could be necessary to restart fluentd container, e.g. during training sessions.

$ docker restart fluentd

It is possible that the error Your Kibana index is out of date, reset it or use the X-Pack upgrade assistant occurs when calling the Kibana Application from the browser


In this case the .kibana index must be removed manually.

$ curl -X DELETE http://api-int.osism.local:9200/.kibana

Login to Kibana webinterface http://KOLLA_INTERNAL_VIP_ADDRESS:5601/ with username kibana and the password located at environments/kolla/secrets.yml in the variable kibana_password.

If the Kibana webinterface is not callable after the first deployment (503 Service Unavailable) and a docker logs kibana shows the error Index .kibana belongs to a version of Kibana that cannot be automatically migrated. Reset it or use the X-Pack upgrade assistant the .kibana index must also be removed manually.

Then reload the Kibana application in the browser and create a new index pattern (index pattern: flog-*, time filter field name: @timestamp).


$ osism-infrastructure openstackclient

You can if needed deploy the Openstackclient. For configuration of the client see how to test Openstack-Client.