The monitoring system comprises of Prometheus and Grafana. Prometheus is configured as data collector and alert manager. Grafana is used for visualisation. Grafana can also be configured as alert manager. The alert manager is responsible for sending notifications via various communication channels like Email, Slack, PagerDuty and several others.

Prepare configuration repository

  • enable Prometheus/Grafana in environments/kolla/configuration.yml

enable_grafana: "yes"
enable_prometheus: "yes"
  • Data retention policies for Prometheus can be configured via command line arguments:

prometheus_cmdline_extras: "--storage.tsdb.retention.time=90d --storage.tsdb.retention.size=50GB"
  • Grafana unified alerting can be enabled as following. See Grafana documentation. With Grafana unified alerting the alerts from Prometheus can be handled within Grafana. Add the file environments/kolla/files/overlays/grafana/grafana.ini with the following content to the configuration repository.

enabled = false

enabled = true

enable = true
from_address = alerts@osism.local
  • Add Prometheus rule files and Grafana dashboards to the configuation repository. Clone the kolla-operations repository and copy all files from grafana and prometheus directory to the configuration repository. This will install a set of metrics definitions and alert rules for OpenStack services.

git clone
cp -r kolla-operations/grafana cfg-osism/environments/kolla/files/overlays/
cp -r kolla-operations/prometheus cfg-osism/environments/kolla/files/overlays/
  • If you want to use Prometheus alert manager, place the configuration in environments/kolla/files/overlays/prometheus/prometheus-alertmanager.yml. See Prometheus alert manager documentation.

  resolve_timeout: 5m
  smtp_require_tls: false
  smtp_smarthost: localhost:25
  smtp_from: alerts@osism.local
  receiver: default-receiver
  group_wait: 30s
  group_interval: 5m
  repeat_interval: 4h
  - name: default-receiver
      - to: monitoring@osism.local
        send_resolved: true

Run Monitoring deployment

Run Prometheus and Grafana deployments:

osism-kolla deploy prometheus
osism-kolla deploy grafana
  • The Grafana Dashboard will be available on the internal network at http://api-int.osism.local:3000.

  • The Prometheus web console will be available on the internal network at http://api-int.osism.local:9091.

  • The Prometheus Alert Manager web console will be available on the internal network at http://api-int.osism.local:9093.