RefStack is a source of tools for OpenStack interoperability testing.


$ git clone
$ cd refstack-client
$ ./setup_env


  • Create required project with at least two user accounts, the role _member_ is sufficient.

  • Set the project quota high enough.

  • Create a network and a router in the project, assign a gateway to the router, add the network as an interface to the router.


  • accounts.yaml

- username: svc-refstack-0
  tenant_name: refstack
  password: password

- username: svc-refstack-1
  tenant_name: refstack
  password: password
test_accounts_file = /absolute/path/to/accounts.yaml
use_dynamic_credentials = false

lock_path = /tmp/tempest

cinder = false
glance = false
neutron = false
nova = false
swift = false

auth_version = v3
region = betacloud-1
uri_v3 =
v3_endpoint_type = public

api_v2 = false


For the test of Cinder, Glance, Heat, Neutron & Swift no further parameters are necessary, these can simply be additionally activated. To run all tests, you need some additional parameters:

image_ref = 6dd3ee6b-261a-450a-9620-702812ab4259
image_ref_alt = dd516d0e-8c56-42c9-b801-9169b959fdea
flavor_ref = 2fe23ff9-c60d-4265-8bad-f7d7ac302db6
flavor_ref_alt = a5a35226-75c5-41ee-a5c2-19710401c9f7
fixed_network_name = refstack-internal-net


$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ refstack-client test -c tempest.conf -v -- --regex tempest.api.identity.v3.test_tokens.TokensV3Test.test_create_token
$ wget "" -O 2018.02-test-list.txt
$ refstack-client test -c tempest.conf -v --test-list 2018.02-test-list.txt