The secrets are unencrypted in the individual files.

Therefore do not use the testbed publicly.

  • The configuration is intentionally kept quite static. Please create no PRs to make the configuration more flexible/dynamic.

  • The OSISM documentation uses hostnames, examples, addresses etc. from this testbed.

  • Even if all components (storage, network, compute, control) are operated on the same nodes, there are separate networks. This is because in larger productive HCI environments, dedicated control nodes and network nodes are usually provided. It is also common to place storage frontend and storage backend on an independent/additional network infrastructure.

  • The third volume (/dev/sdd) is not enabled for Ceph by default. This is to test the scaling of Ceph.

  • Ansible errors that have something to do with undefined variables (e.g. AnsibleUndefined) are most likely due to cached facts that are no longer valid. The facts can be updated by running osism apply facts.

  • The documentation of the OSISM can be found on There you will find further details on deployment, operation etc.

  • The manager is used as pull through cache for Docker images and Ubuntu packages. This reduces the amount of traffic consumed.

  • To speed up the Ansible playbooks, ARA can be disabled. This is done by executing /opt/configuration/scripts/ Afterwards no more logs are available in the ARA web interface.